Our Staff

Karen Hardy Hodgson, herself an Aussie, is the founder and president of Australia 2000 Travel and president of Australia/New Zealand Down Under Travel.

Karens passion for travel, adventure and the South Pacific led her to establish Australia 2000 Travel in 1992.

It is this passion that has propelled her exploratory quest to amass her remarkable first hand knowledge of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tahiti.

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Hillary McMaster joined the Australia 2000 Travel team in November 2000.

The country of New Zealand, appropriately known as The Land of the Long White Cloud, quickly claimed her heart. It is, she believes, the most beautiful place on earth. She adds her newest journey to her growing knowledge of the South Pacific that became a passion after completing her initial trip to Tasmania & Sydney, Australia shortly after joining the office. She has quickly adapted to and embraced the meaning of the laid back, friendly Aussie lifestyle.

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Shelley Hosking, another fellow Aussie, joined Australia 2000 Travel early in 2004 bringing with her great travel and product knowledge of Australia. Shelley is from Melbourne and has traveled extensively throughout Australia, including a year spent living in Cairns.

Shelley attained a Business Degree in Travel and Tourism and has spent a number of years working in the tourism industry in Australia.

Shelley regularly visits destinations in Australia to keep up to date with suppliers and attractions, and of course, to visit family and friends.

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