Thank you from Patti and Howard Taxe

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Hi Karen,

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We wanted to let you know how truly fabulous our trip to Australia and New Zealand has been. Both countries showed us a great time – the hotels, tours, hospitality shown by Gary and Dietske at The Manse…I really could go on and on.   This was a trip of a lifetime. Howard and I always felt we were in great hands. Thank you again for planning such a diverse, well rounded, fun, educational and carefree vacation for us!  We are grateful to have worked with you and Wendy.  We are experienced travelers who have visited many countries on our bucket list.  This is the first trip we have taken where we feel a burning desire to make a return visit to explore new areas and meet even more of the laid back friendly locals. 

Howard & Patti Taxe


Thank you from Angela


Well, we’re back, and we had an absolutely wonderful time.  We have traveled a fair amount, and this was my all-time favorite trip.  Australia is such an amazing country–the people, the food, the sights, the activities.

You did a wonderful job planning everything.  We all agree that you put the four destinations in the right order, and you had a nice mix of different types of activities.

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I am one of the most organized people I know, and your booklet and vouchers met even my high standards.  Every evening I would look at the itinerary for the next day and pull any necessary vouchers.

Thanks for the welcome bottle of wine and fruit in Melbourne too.

We all wish it were two weeks ago and that we were just starting our Aussie adventure!



The Dream Makers at Australia 2000 Travel

We’re Aussie natives and certified Aussie and 100% Pure New Zealand Specialists who weave your interests, dreams and desires into our in-depth local knowledge and add a touch of Aussie magic to create a unique, fun filled adventure that exceeds your expectations.  Whether it’s a honeymoon on a private island in Fiji, breakfast with the kangaroos in Australia or hiking the magnificent rainforests in New Zealand we Aussies bring all of your aspirations to life.

Jim & Krystal Brown 2013 Fiji

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Heather Sullivan OZ DEC 2014 #4

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Ufer Rainforest

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A Customized Trip of a Lifetime Awaits You

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At Australia 2000 Travel we Aussies specialize in creating unique itineraries for the discerning traveler who dreams of exploring the glorious Lands Down Under, Australia, New Zealand or Fiji.  Each itinerary is created to embrace the individual traveler’s interests, passions, lifestyle and dreams.  Our customized itineraries take the traveler off the beaten track, providing magical opportunities to meet the locals and to discover the usual from an unusual perspective.  In some small way each bespoke adventure changes a traveler’s life.

Thank you from The Robinet Family

Dear Karen,

We can’t thank you enough for putting together such a wonderful itinerary for us. Our trip to Australia and New Zealand was the trip of a lifetime and one that none of us will forget.

From Green Island to Ayers Rock to Sydney to Queenstown, we have memories of the most beautiful places we’ve ever seen. The adventures you chose for us were terrific.  From snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef to the Sounds of Silence dinner and camel ride at sunrise in Ayer’s Rock from Bridgeclimb, New Year’s Eve festivities and sailing on Sydney Harbour in Sydney to ziplining and bungy jumping in Queenstown, New Zealand, etc., everything was fantastic!

We’re already talking of going back! We booked this trip because we wanted to do a big family trip before our oldest son goes away to college. Thank you for exceeding our expectations. Australia and New Zealand truly are spectacular places to visit. The Aussie’s & Kiwi’s are wonderful too! They really know how to enjoy life and they made sure that we enjoyed it too. Thank you to you and your staff.


The Robinet Family

Should Technology Take the Place of Personal Service and Interaction?

As technology is taking over practically everything it touches perhaps it’s time to get back to basics, human contact and interaction.  This NY Times article touches on the both sides of the issue.

Some hotels have begun to expand the definition of concierge to mean more than just a knowledgeable employee. It now can also mean smart digital devices. Software companies are creating programs that offer information like restaurant tips, flight arrivals and departures and driving directions via these devices to guests at midtier hotels that do not provide traditional concierge services.

Even more upscale brands that employ human concierges are joining in, by offering location-specific information, accessible via the Internet, iPhone apps and even live chats. And all Hyatt hotels let guests send requests, via Twitter, to customer service agents who are on call 24 hours a day…read more

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Melbourne, The City I Adore by Shelley Hosking

Melbourne, the city I adore. With its multiculturalism, fantastic museums, passion for all things art and sport and its thousands of restaurants and cafes Melbourne is often referred to as the cultural heart of Australia.

Downtown Melbourne is surrounded by parkland that is a wonderful gift to its people. When I worked in the city I often took the time to sit under a leafy tree in the botanic gardens to eat my lunch, absorb the natural beauty and clear my mind.

There are numerous heritage buildings in the city that I enjoy visiting. I often wander around the Paris End of Collins Street within close proximity of the Old Treasury Building, where its not unusual to see wedding parties being photographed. Eating in Melbourne is a true adventure. I have never found another city with a better choice of restaurants than Melbourne. From street food to fine dining there is an enormous choice. On this trip I took a local tram from the city to Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, a funky little inner city suburb filled with great casual cafes and restaurants and an eclectic mix of shops to browse and there enjoyed a long Aussie lunch with a dear friend.

Recently I was fortunate to spend a few days in Sydney and experience some of the activities our vacationers frequently enjoy. I had the thrill of climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge. I am delighted to tell you that the preparation and professionalism of the staff at the Bridge Climb (not to mention the cable that firmly attaches you to the Bridge the entire length of the climb) helped me overcome my fear of heights that I was able to enjoy the breathtaking view without fear or trepidation.

I also had a great trip to the Blue Mountains just 2 hours west of Sydney. When our guide served delicious homemade lamingtons (a traditional cake that is made of a plain sponge cake, dipped in chocolate sauce and then rolled in desiccated coconut) memories of my Aussie childhood flooded back. As we drove along the winding Cliff Drive I felt humbled and in awe of the beauty of the spectacular canyons of this world heritage listed site.

It is wonderful for me to experience and explore Australia from the viewpoint of a traveler. I cannot impart the depth of my love for Australia. The dramatic images of this country are really only half the story; it is the friendliness of the people that really stays with me.