7 Day Sydney Luxury Indulgence Tour

DAY 1 Arrive in Sydney
DAY 2 Sydney Secrets Tour
DAY 3 Day at Leisure, Dinner and Evening Performance at the Sydney Opera House
DAY 4 Sailing on Sydney Harbour
DAY 5 Private Blue Mountains Tour
DAY 6 Day at Leisure, Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge at Sunset
DAY 7 Depart Sydney

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Australian Ultimate 28 Day Action Packed Adventure

Australian Action Packed Adventure

DAY 1-3: In Sydney: Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge. Sailing on Sydney Harbour. Explore the Blue Mountains.
DAY 4: Fly to Adelaide.
DAY 5-7: 3 Day South Australia Outback Adventure in Southern Flinders Ranges and Wilpena Pound.
DAY 8-9: Explore Kangaroo Island, Seal Bay and Flinders Chase.
DAY 10: Fly to Darwin. Half Day Darwin City Tour.
DAY 11-13: 3 Day Camping in Kakadu National Park.
DAY 14: Fly to Cairns.
DAY 15: At Leisure in Palm Cove.
DAY 16-20: 5 Day Wilderness Adventure.
DAY 21: White Water Rafting on the Barron River.
DAY 22: At Leisure in Palm Cove.
DAY 23: Full Day Great Barrier Reef Tour.
DAY 24: Fly to Brisbane. Transfer to your Rainforest Retreat in Lamington National Park.
DAY 25-26: At Leisure in Lamington National Park.
DAY 27: Transfer to Brisbane.
DAY 28: Depart Australia.

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Thank you from the Berminghams and Elders

Karen, Hillary, Shelly and Wendy,

Our Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania trip was spectacular. Everything was perfectly planned and we experienced a new adventure every day. We loved Sydney – the bridge climb, sailing the harbor and great shopping. A highlight has to be the Blue Mountains with such spectacular views, the opportunity to see kangaroos jumping about it the bush and lunch on the Wollondilly River.

We were very brave and drove on the opposite side of the road for our tour of Tasmania. We experienced Bruny Island with all the massive cliffs and just incredible views on our drive on the coast to Freycinet National Park. The Park has beautiful beaches with clear water and a nice secluded feel. It seemed there was one beautiful sight of beaches, waterfalls and rainforest after another as we drove to Launceston.

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Thank you from Kevin, Kristin, Owen and Ian

We traveled in New Zealand 10 years ago and Karen planned an amazing 2 weeks in the South Island. She planned an equally amazing three weeks on Australia’s east coast this summer; we booked the trip and left 6 weeks later. She knew we were taking our 9 and 6 year old boys and created an awesome family adventure for us.

BRISBANE: We arrived August 15 to sunshine, palm trees, and found friendly people at every stop. The kids enjoyed the Australia Zoo with our private caddie, feeding the kangaroos and hearing about the animals of Australia. Canungra, at the base of the mountain going to Lamington, is the home of the Funky Dory restaurant. We recommend it for fish-n-chips (Baramundi and Red Emperor were our favorites), squid lips, and an owner who loves what she does. We drove to O’Reilly’s guest house in Lamington National Park and loved the birds, hikes, views and incredible food. The boys were up every morning for a 6:45 a.m. guided bird walk. When our son left his glasses in a restroom, Karen’s assistant in Sydney was able to help us track them down and send them to our next hotel.

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Thank you from Carolyn

Hi Karen,

You did an excellent job figuring out from our conversations which activities we would enjoy; the zookeeper-led tour, the bike tour and the wildlife tour were all a big hit with Peter. Our trip to the Blue Mountains was “self-directed” once we were there, and when we were fogged in on the day we expected to walk along the cliffs, we found we could take a bus tour to the Jenolyn caves. An excellent adventure as well!

Thank you so much!

Carolyn Pierce

Traveled to Australia July 2010

Melbourne, The City I Adore by Shelley Hosking

Melbourne, the city I adore. With its multiculturalism, fantastic museums, passion for all things art and sport and its thousands of restaurants and cafes Melbourne is often referred to as the cultural heart of Australia.

Downtown Melbourne is surrounded by parkland that is a wonderful gift to its people. When I worked in the city I often took the time to sit under a leafy tree in the botanic gardens to eat my lunch, absorb the natural beauty and clear my mind.

There are numerous heritage buildings in the city that I enjoy visiting. I often wander around the Paris End of Collins Street within close proximity of the Old Treasury Building, where its not unusual to see wedding parties being photographed. Eating in Melbourne is a true adventure. I have never found another city with a better choice of restaurants than Melbourne. From street food to fine dining there is an enormous choice. On this trip I took a local tram from the city to Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, a funky little inner city suburb filled with great casual cafes and restaurants and an eclectic mix of shops to browse and there enjoyed a long Aussie lunch with a dear friend.

Recently I was fortunate to spend a few days in Sydney and experience some of the activities our vacationers frequently enjoy. I had the thrill of climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge. I am delighted to tell you that the preparation and professionalism of the staff at the Bridge Climb (not to mention the cable that firmly attaches you to the Bridge the entire length of the climb) helped me overcome my fear of heights that I was able to enjoy the breathtaking view without fear or trepidation.

I also had a great trip to the Blue Mountains just 2 hours west of Sydney. When our guide served delicious homemade lamingtons (a traditional cake that is made of a plain sponge cake, dipped in chocolate sauce and then rolled in desiccated coconut) memories of my Aussie childhood flooded back. As we drove along the winding Cliff Drive I felt humbled and in awe of the beauty of the spectacular canyons of this world heritage listed site.

It is wonderful for me to experience and explore Australia from the viewpoint of a traveler. I cannot impart the depth of my love for Australia. The dramatic images of this country are really only half the story; it is the friendliness of the people that really stays with me.