Destination Weddings Are Our Specialty

It is truly a joy and an honor to organize weddings to the GLORIOUS Lands Down Under, Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti and Fiji.  Each ceremony is handcrafted to your unique dreams, desires, interests, taste and budget.  We organize every detail from hand selecting the wedding venue to suit your individual style to coordinating each aspect of your spectacular day.  Our extensive local knowledge of each destination coupled with our personal relationships throughout the South Pacific truly sets us apart enabling us to plan a wedding that will exceed your every expectation.

Click here to read testimonials from brides and grooms who have entrusted their special day to us then contact us to design your bespoke romantic destination wedding.

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Our Local Agents Cater to Your Every Need

Australia 2000 Travel's Local New Zealand Booking AgentsBesides having a wealth of knowledge about Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti and Fiji we also have local booking agents who coordinate every aspect of your Down Under Adventure and are on hand should you require assistance while traveling.  Should an excursion be canceled due to inclement weather simply call our local agents who will reschedule the tour for you, make a substitution or arrange for a refund on your return home if no other option is viable.  If for some reason you need to return to your home early our representatives will make the necessary changes and arrangements for you.  Though rarely needed it is comforting to know that our local agents are there for you when you need them.

G’day Mates Meet Our Hand Picked Local Guides

We expend a great deal of effort in choosing our local guides. We meet them personally and take their tours. Our guides are accredited and are selected on the basis of their passion, local knowledge, sense of history, story telling ability, sense of humor, contacts that open closed doors, flexibility, style and quality vehicles specifically suited to the touring needs.

Flinders Ranges-Aboriginal guide

Our Personalized Tours Suit Your Every Need

Client Meeting at Australia 2000 Travel

Australia 2000 Travel Client Meeting

Before we begin creating your customized itinerary we chat with you at great length to determine your lifestyle, personal interests, trip expectations, fitness level, budget and the type of accommodation that best suits your taste. We are great listeners with vast local knowledge. We draw upon our wonderful experiences, our cultural and geographic expertise that only a native can possess and lastly add a touch of Aussie magic to create an itinerary that will perfectly suit each of your needs. Our unrivaled customer service, passion and commitment to excellence guarantees you’ll have the South Pacific trip of your dreams, hand-crafted to exceed your every expectation.

Luxury Tours Customized to Your Dreams, Desires, Taste and Budget

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Photo Credit to Tourism Australia

Our customized tours are designed so that every aspect of your wonderful trip has been arranged to suit your personal needs and interests, time constraints and budget. Your tour will always include airline bookings, luxury accommodation, private or small group touring, private transfers between airports and hotels via chauffeur drive cars, early and late hotel checkouts, the full services of our local specialist offices in each country you visit in the South Pacific and assistance with entry visas. Restaurant recommendations and reservations, bookings for theatre and spa treatments are all part of your luxury tour. Your sightseeing leisure time activities will be selected according to your personal interests, tastes and desires. Your luxury tour will exceed your expectations.

A Customized Trip of a Lifetime Awaits You

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Photo Credit to Tourism Australia

At Australia 2000 Travel we Aussies specialize in creating unique itineraries for the discerning traveler who dreams of exploring the glorious Lands Down Under, Australia, New Zealand or Fiji.  Each itinerary is created to embrace the individual traveler’s interests, passions, lifestyle and dreams.  Our customized itineraries take the traveler off the beaten track, providing magical opportunities to meet the locals and to discover the usual from an unusual perspective.  In some small way each bespoke adventure changes a traveler’s life.

A Trip of a Lifetime to Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti or Fiji is Waiting for You!

We have been honored to create A Trip of a Lifetime for hundreds of travelers.  Don’t put off planning your very own Bespoke Adventure to the Lands Down Under for someday…Someday is TODAY.  Your personal adventure commences immediately!  One where every aspect of your breathtaking journey is designed to suit your personal dreams, desires and interests.  We Will Exceed Your Expectations.

Carollo Family

Photo Credit to The Carollo Family

Thank you Karen and the Australia 2000 crew, your meticulous planning and adherence to each and every detail made our family trip both exceptional and stress-free.  Thank you again for helping us plan the trip of a lifetime. We will never forget the experiences and adventures we had in New Zealand. ~Carollo Family

We wanted the vacation of a lifetime and we certainly had just that.  Thank you for your expertise in helping us select momentous excursions.  Everything went like clockwork.  Sincerely, Cheryl Racklin

Robinet Sounds of Silence Dinner AYQ (resized)

Photo Credit to The Robinet Family

Our trip to Australia and New Zealand was the trip of a lifetime and one that none of us will forget. Thank you for exceeding our expectations. Australia and New Zealand truly were spectacular places to visit. Sincerely, The Robinet Family

We truly loved every tour and the tour operators were amazingly the best. I would recommend this exact trip to anyone I know! Thanks for making this trip a dream of a lifetime for us!  Denise Socia

Kraemer #3 NZ Trip 2014

Photo Credit to Helmut & Marlies Kraemer

We spent 5 incredible weeks in New Zealand! The experience was once in a lifetime!  Fondly…..Marlies and Helmut Kraemer

Karen, Great job on all of your planning!   You exceeded my expectations.  You made our trip a lifetime memory!  Melissa Lange-Kaufman

Whether we had a private tour or joined with others, all the selected tour guides were personable, knowledgeable, and genuinely enjoyable to spend time with. Australia 2000 made this the adventure of a lifetime.  Thanks, Adrea and David Benkoff

Susan Redelfs - fishing

Photo Credit to The Redelfs Family

Our family had a wonderful time in Australia, and would highly recommend Australia 2000 Travel.  Everything was so organized and well planned, and all the guides and staff were extremely friendly. Thanks again for a once-in-a-lifetime experience that we will cherish.  Rich, Susan and Rachel Redelfs


Australia 2000 Travel is an Exclusive Invitation only Member of Luxperience

5-4-15 Luxperience Member BadgeLuxperience is the only travel trade forum of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.  Based in the Australasia and Pacific region that connects the world’s most exclusive travel providers. Those who understand luxury and experiential travel.


Customize a Wedding or Honeymoon to Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti or Fiji with the Down Under Specialists at Australia 2000 Travel

Our customer service, extensive local knowledge of each destination and twenty three years spent developing relationships with our hand selected tour guides and unique boutique accommodation owners and hosts set us apart.  Nothing about Australia 2000 Travel is cookie cutter.  Dreams come true. Memories are created that last for a lifetime. 

Jim Krystal Brown - OZ Wedding

Photo Credit to Jim & Krystal Brown

“Thank you to the staff of Australia 2000 for making this a trip of a lifetime for our wedding/honeymoon.  We couldn’t have asked for it to be more perfect!  The attention to detail was phenomenal and we can’t wait to contact you again for an anniversary trip!” Jim & Krystal Brown

“Hi Karen, We’re back! You put together a wonderful itinerary for us. The honeymoon was fantastic, wonderful and spectacular!!! Did I mention that we really enjoyed ourselves??? Everything went off without a hitch. Your staff we met throughout our journey couldn’t have been any friendlier! We felt relaxed and at ease our entire trip. We hope to come back some day!  Thank you so much for a wonderful and unforgettable three weeks.”  Dan & Erin Garfin

Dave & Crystal Geiser OZ DEC 2014

Photo Credit to Crystal & Dave Geiser

“Australia is such a large country and we had no idea how to start the process of planning a honeymoon that would cover all the highlights.  The Australia 2000 team took over and created us the most phenomenal, carefree honeymoon we could ask for!  They really took into account our active lifestyle and personalities to make sure we were busy rafting, scuba diving, hiking, etc. while getting to see several of the diverse ecosystems around Australia.  All in one trip we were able to see Cairns, Ayers Rock, Kangaroo Island, and Sydney!  It was a perfect mix of city and nature with no worries for us as far as logistics of transportation (air, land and sea)!  It was the best decision I could have made to put the planning of this trip in the hands of these talented professionals and I would definitely go to them again for our next adventure (New Zealand is looking pretty awesome…)!” Crystal & Dave Geiser

Greg & Ashley Walker Honeymoon #2 - Fiji & OZ May 2014

Photo Credit to Greg & Ashley Walker

“Hi Karen! Passing through the Adelaide Airport and just wanted to let you and the team know we are having an amazing adventure. Everything has been perfect.”  Greg & Ashley Walker

“Much appreciation on the hard work of setting up our honeymoon. We had such a great time and felt that Australia became a part of us. We just did not want to leave. We will have memories for a lifetime.” Aaron & Anna Spork

Aaron & Anna Spork Aussie Honeymoon - April 2010

Photo Credit to Aaron & Anna Spork

“We had such an amazing trip to New Zealand that we didn’t want to come home!   The food was great and the atmosphere everywhere we went was so hospitable and inviting! Everyone was very nice and gave us well wishes on our recent marriage. We definitely want to go back and see some of the places we didn’t get to this time.  Thanks again for organizing this trip for us. It will truly be something we will never forget.”  Mike & Jess Wiley

Your Next Vacation…a BRILLIANT Adventure

Our dedication to excellence, our wealth of local knowledge and the ability to sprinkle a touch of Aussie magic turns your next vacation into a BRILLIANT Adventure.

nukubati picnicFiji Orchid

Once in a Lifetime Adventures, Weddings, Honeymoons, Thrill Seeking and Celebratory Journeys are our Specialty!

We create unique trips to Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti & Fiji. Each one lovingly hand-crafted by Aussies & Kiwis to suit the taste and budget of the discerning traveler. Once in a lifetime adventures, weddings, honeymoons, thrill seeking and celebratory journeys are our specialty!

Kraemer #3 NZ Trip 2014




Thank you from Jim & Krystal Brown

Bula Karen!!!

We want to thank you for putting together yet another incredible South Pacific vacation for our anniversary! Jenny, Peter, their daughter Larra and the entire Nukubati staff made this an experience we will never forget! From the wonderful meals, beautiful grounds to the activities offered this was a wonderful way to take in both the Fijian culture as well as the luxuries of such a nice, exclusive resort. The attention to detail was like no other from all of the staff knowing our names from the moment we arrived, to the beautiful flowers placed throughout our bure and various places at the resort daily!

We especially enjoyed our time with Lote who took us out snorkeling twice on The Great Sea Reef. She was also part of the team that put on an incredible BBQ Fijian-style for us and lead us on an extremely interesting medicine walk on the island. We’re not sure how she had time for anyone else!!! Aside from the amazing snorkeling, I think our next favorite thing was the private picnic on our own personal sandbar!!

The entire trip was fantastic! So that’s Australia and now Fiji Karen. We may just have to try New Zealand in another 5 years!!! We’ll be in touch for sure!!!!

Thanks again to you and your associates,

Jim and Krystal Brown

Carleton, Michigan

October Newsletter – Surprises Abound in the South Pacific

A Look at our October Newsletter. To Subscribe, use the form in the right-hand column at the bottom.

On a particularly special and seemingly impossibly remote island in the glorious South Pacific unpredictable and often life changing cultural exchanges occur on a daily basis. We can never predict the catalyst, the format of the exchange, nor the beneficiary. We know implicitly that when world weary travelers arrive on Nukubati, an exquisite Fijian island, change will occur. We know that once embraced by the gentle nature and kindness of the Fijian staff, lovingly known as the Nukubati Family, hearts will fill, cultural barriers will disappear, laughter will reign, stories will be told and music will flow.

In March Barbara and David Osher arrived on Nukubati guitar in hand. During their twelve day stay they marveled at the luminescent tropical fish and coral as they snorkeled through Mitimitis Garden, a coral reef in the turquoise colored ocean; listened to the afternoon silence, watched the ever changing sunsets, laughed with the staff, played the odd game of tennis, and enjoyed sumptuous cuisine. They woke at dawn to the cacophony of birdsong followed by singing and laughter as many staff members sailed to work from the local village. They listened to angels singing at the local church, joined the traditional meke, an evening of feasting, laughter, singing, dancing and carva!!! And they met Johnnie, a young man who LOVES the guitar. A remarkable cultural exchange was seeded.

Each night after dinner had been served David and Johnnie would play guitar, David the teacher, Johnnie the student hungering for more. They sat and played, laughed and sang each enmeshed in the other’s passion for music…by the giving and the taking. We have been told that on one such evening Johnnie casually asked the cost of a rock guitar such as David’s. That sadness filled his eyes at the price and contemplation of the impossible task of amassing, what to him was a small fortune. His dreams of ownership and mastery of such a magical instrument evaporated.

No matter their next destination guests who visit Nukubati find the night prior to their departure one of enormous sadness. Sadness when contemplating saying goodbye to new found friends who have brought change to their lives. Melancholy when hearing the tender Nukubati song that had greeted them on arrival now being sung as a means of farewell. As guests we know the heart wrenching feelings when we contemplate leaving our newly discovered tropical paradise. Perhaps we rarely ponder the gift we have brought the charming people we’ve met. People who have joined us in laughter, cared for our safety as we have snorkeled and dived the private reefs, massaged our tired limbs, guided us through the rainforest to their village, served us wonderful meals and champagne at sunset, tended to our every need.

For Barbara and David their next stop was in Kauai where they reflected on the joy of Nukubati, on the beauty , the color, the laughter, the people……on the bond brought by music and particularly the guitar. They especially remembered Johnnie, their mutual joy and wondered how they might send him that guitar! Today the logistics of fulfilling what was to become a mammoth undertaking are of little consequence. Ah but the completion is another story…….

click to view full size

click to view full size

……as we said we can never predict the effect of any cultural exchange that occurs on that special island in the South Pacific.


From the Blog

A special guitar isn’t the only surprise to be found in the South Pacific. Surprises abound there;

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from gourmet food tours, to unique tour guides, to award-winning cities, and heart-stopping races. Read all about them all on the blog.

As always, I thank you for supporting Australia 2000 Travel and look forward to sharing more of my recent adventures with you in the coming months.

Thank you so much for your support! It is referrals from clients like you that help us keep doing what we so love to do.

Karen Hardy Hodgson
Toll Free Phone within USA: 1 800 875 4530
Phone: ++1 248 647 4530
Personal service and attention to every travel detail!

Occasionally one hears of an unusual and unique business where the relationship is harmonious from the beginning. Where quality is the only measure of success. Where everyone emerges from the experience fully satisfied with the end result. Australia 2000 Travel Ltd., in Birmingham Michigan, is such a business.

September Newsletter

A Look at our September Newsletter.  To Subscribe, use the form in the right-hand column at the bottom.
Australia 2000 Travel Newsletter

G’day Mates!

Having just returned from the GLORIOUS South Pacific, I feel revitalized! How marvelous to have spent time with many old friends and to have made a number of new ones. Great to have found new means of exploring some of my favorite destinations and to have stayed in a variety of new and WONDERFUL accommodations! Such a joy and what a gift to be able to bring THE best accommodation and touring options to you, our clients. It is an extraordinary privilege to be given to opportunity to build and maintain personal relationships with the teams at our hand selected accommodations and with our tour guides throughout Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti & Fiji.

Such an opportunity occurred while staying at the EXQUISITE, recently opened Hilton Hotel in Queenstown on the shores of beautiful Lake Wakatipu. During a site inspection with sales manager, Kristie Macaulay, I was surprised by an unexpected tap on the shoulder and a friendly greeting from Bradley Moody, the Director of Sales for Hilton Hotels Australasia region who was visiting from Sydney, Australia. As true Aussies we lamented our lack of time to share a glass of good (in THIS instance) Kiwi wine and to wax lyrical about all things South Pacific. We agreed to remedy that on my next trip to Sydney destined for this coming December. A great recognition of the years spent building relationships with executives from our finest, handpicked accommodations.

Not to lose focus, Kristie and I resumed our site inspection of the Hilton’s grounds, hotel rooms, restaurants and glorious spa. Set by the tranquil shores of Lake Wakatipu, and in the heart of Kawarau Village, featuring a majestic mountain backdrop, The Hilton provides the perfect base to explore the area’s natural attractions. Located five minutes from Queenstown Airport and a fifteen minutes drive or ten minute water taxi ride from the center of Queenstown we agreed that the Hilton is the ideal accommodation to access to all that Queenstown has to offer.

While staying at the Hilton the choice of restaurants abounds. Guests can enjoy the hotel’s signature restaurant, Wakatipu Grill that reflects the best of New Zealand’s culinary heritage. Expertly helmed by renowned Chef Peter Thornley, the cuisine is inspiring, with provocative takes on New Zealand flavors. Vast windows, an open kitchen and rotisserie, along with two circular slate fireplaces, lend even more drama to this magnificent space. From the bar visitors are tempted by yet another captivating perspective of the lake, or an exceptional vintage, the 1000-strong wine cellar has a keen focus on Otago’s best winemakers. Perhaps linger on the generous terrace where the elements combine to spectacular effect: the lake’s indigo depths, the clear air and a decadent outdoor fire pit.

After a hard days adventuring guests often gather in the flamboyant and ever-changing Kawarau Hotel Lobby Bar. While mingling at the bar they enjoy expertly mixed cocktails, a selection of cold beers and a variety of premium spirits, or sink into a comfy booth with friends, to share a tantalizing snack platter and enjoy an occasional live DJ set.

For me the site inspection concluded with THE MOST rejuvenating massage therapy where the masseuse used a variety of aboriginal oils and herbs to create a relaxing hour of blissful indulgence. One that set me on track for the next adventure…zip trekking and The Doubtful Sound…


From the Blog
This month we have been blogging New Zealand.  Here is a look at what we have been covering:

As always, I thank you for supporting Australia 2000 Travel and look forward to sharing more of my recent adventures with you in the coming months.

Thank you so much for your support! It is referrals from clients like you that help us keep doing what we so love to do.

Karen Hardy Hodgson
Toll Free Phone within USA: 1 800 875 4530
Phone: ++1 248 647 4530
Personal service and attention to every travel detail!

Occasionally one hears of an unusual and unique business where the relationship is harmonious from the beginning. Where quality is the only measure of success. Where everyone emerges from the experience fully satisfied with the end result. Australia 2000 Travel Ltd., in Birmingham Michigan, is such a business.

August News from Australia 2000 Travel

A look at our August Newsletter. If you would like to sign-up to receive our newsletter, use the sign-up on the bottom right-hand column on this page.

Australia 2000 Travel Newsletter


As summer comes to a close and the days turn to cooler weather here in the U.S., we look forward to fall festivals, pumpkins, apple cider and the piling of leaves that have left their branches to scatter randomly on the ground. As much as we love the fall, it is also a reminder that winter is just around the corner with spring seemingly nowhere in sight.

Fortunately, for those of us with a heart for travel, spring has just begun to burst forth in the GLORIOUS South Pacific! From September through November, the lands Down Under enjoy the renewal of spring. Vineyards are ripe with fruit for picking, orchard trees are in bloom and major festivals showcase food and wine, flowers, as well as local and international theater, dance, arts, music and so much more.

Photo Credit: avlxyz

Perhaps the grandest event to take place in spring is the richest and more prestigious horse race that stops the nation of Australia, The Melbourne Cup. Taking place on the first Tuesday in November, The Melbourne Cup literally stops the country as all gather to witness the three minute race that covers 3200 meters and finishes with the winner awarded upwards of millions of dollars in prizes as well as the coveted cup trophy.

Not to be left out from the calling of spring, I am on my yearly journey to New Zealand meeting with representatives from our handpicked accommodations, experiencing new and exciting tours and filling my heart to bursting with the sights and sounds of the lands Down Under. Be sure to look for our September newsletter where I will share my exciting adventures.


From the Blog
A look at what has been happening on the blog over the past month…
Thank you so much for your support!  It is referrals from clients like you that help us keep doing what we so love to do.

Karen Hardy Hodgson
Toll Free Phone within USA: 1 800 875 4530
Phone: ++1 248 647 4530

Personal service and attention to every travel detail!

Occasionally one hears of an unusual and unique business where the relationship is harmonious from the beginning. Where quality is the only measure of success. Where everyone emerges from the experience fully satisfied with the end result. Australia 2000 Travel Ltd., in Birmingham Michigan, is such a business.

Savvy Travelers Turn To Travel Specialists

Course 5

credit to Sarah Ackerman

Many travel professionals have seen a decline in business or have shut their doors altogether as travelers turn to booking their own airline tickets, tours and accommodations online but those who offer specialized service focused on taking the burden off of the traveler are leading the way in this new travel era according to this Washington Post article.

“…For years, it looked as though the travel agent had gone the way of the milkman. As online booking sites such as Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity and others soared in popularity…. The travel agents who have survived have had to change their modus operandi…. And most now have specialties.” Read article…

More than ever people are cautious of spending their hard earned money as the economy slowly rises from recession. More time is being spent at the office with the building pressures in the work arena as so many struggle to keep the jobs they have. With little time and energy left for much else, many simply do not have the time it takes to plan, research and coordinate a well deserved break. Savvy travelers are turning back to travel professionals who can take the burden off of their shoulders to plan a well organized vacation with little or no effort from the traveler.

[Read more…]

Affluent Travelers Select Australia As Dream Destination

Credit to Adele Hendricks

Luxury Travel Magazine announces that the results are in (and we are not surprised)!

Upscale travelers select sailing aboard a World Cruise as the Top Trip of a Lifetime,  Cruising as the most desired travel experience and Australia as favorite Dream Destination.  Read the whole article.

Readers of Virtuoso Life magazine, a group of self proclaimed sophisticated travelers, have named Australia & New Zealand among the top five “dream destinations” while Fiji and Bay of Islands, New Zealand are both recognized as most alluring island escapes.

[Read more…]

Destination Weddings Australia

The Chicago Sun Times recently covered the topic of destination weddings:

Destination weddings are one of the fastest-growing markets in the wedding industry, said Carol Lekki, owner of Carol’s Travel Service in Orland Park, which assisted the Brousils with their event. The agency has seen such a spike in interest that it now devotes a full-time staffer to handle them and honeymoons.

“More people just don’t want to go through the stress and expense of a big wedding at home,” Lekki said…  Read the entire article

The article covers some of the reasons people plan destination weddings.  Reasons like ease of planning, less stress for the couple, and more fun for the couple and guests.  While the article doesn’t mention destination weddings to Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti or Fiji, the South Pacific is an excellent place to plan a destination wedding.  From adventure to romance to rest and relaxation, you truly can have it all!  [Read more…]

Should Technology Take the Place of Personal Service and Interaction?

As technology is taking over practically everything it touches perhaps it’s time to get back to basics, human contact and interaction.  This NY Times article touches on the both sides of the issue.

Some hotels have begun to expand the definition of concierge to mean more than just a knowledgeable employee. It now can also mean smart digital devices. Software companies are creating programs that offer information like restaurant tips, flight arrivals and departures and driving directions via these devices to guests at midtier hotels that do not provide traditional concierge services.

Even more upscale brands that employ human concierges are joining in, by offering location-specific information, accessible via the Internet, iPhone apps and even live chats. And all Hyatt hotels let guests send requests, via Twitter, to customer service agents who are on call 24 hours a day…read more

[Read more…]

Honeymoon Wedding Registry

Honeymoon memories last a lifetime, make yours even more affordable.

How your friends and family can help the bride and groom who have everything create romantic honeymoon memories.

In this wonderful, ever-changing world in which we live many of us are getting married later in life and are celebrating our marriages in far flung and exotic destinations. Some are choosing to be embraced by the magical light of the Southern Cross and to create everlasting honeymoon memories in the GLORIOUS South Pacific.

As we already possess towels, vases and glasses – the useful household items that tend to be at the top of most wedding lists it has become increasing difficult for guests to find an unusual wedding gift that will live forever. To solve that problem Australia 2000 Travel has created our honeymoon registry, a novel solution that brings joy to the lucky recipients and a touch of magic to the gift giver. Once you, the bride and groom have booked your honeymoon in the South Pacific your family and friends can call us at Australia 2000 Travel to make a financial donation towards the cost of your romantic honeymoon. They might wish to purchase an element of your adventure… perhaps a sail on Sydney Harbour or a ride in a hot air balloon at sunrise.

Quite simply as the lucky couple you book your romantic honeymoon with Australia 2000 Travel and pay the appropriate deposit in line with our booking conditions. Wedding guests who wish to make a contribution to your honeymoon contact Australia 2000 Travel to discuss payment by check or credit card. Their contribution is held in Australia 2000 Travel Client Trust Fund and credited towards payment of your romantic honeymoon or wedding. Australia 2000 Travel will mail our exquisite gift certificate to the contributor and advise the bride and groom of the gift.

The balance of your honeymoon, less your deposit and the honeymoon contributions, must be received sixty days prior to departure. Should you continue to receive contributions after this final payment date we will refund you the difference. You’ll be able to use those contributions on your honeymoon!

To advise friends & family of our service, the bride usually includes the details as part of her bridal registry information or on the couple’s personal Facebook page(s).