Honeymoon Wedding Registry

Honeymoon memories last a lifetime, make yours even more affordable.

How your friends and family can help the bride and groom who have everything create romantic honeymoon memories.

In this wonderful, ever-changing world in which we live many of us are getting married later in life and are celebrating our marriages in far flung and exotic destinations. Some are choosing to be embraced by the magical light of the Southern Cross and to create everlasting honeymoon memories in the GLORIOUS South Pacific.

As we already possess towels, vases and glasses – the useful household items that tend to be at the top of most wedding lists it has become increasing difficult for guests to find an unusual wedding gift that will live forever. To solve that problem Australia 2000 Travel has created our honeymoon registry, a novel solution that brings joy to the lucky recipients and a touch of magic to the gift giver. Once you, the bride and groom have booked your honeymoon in the South Pacific your family and friends can call us at Australia 2000 Travel to make a financial donation towards the cost of your romantic honeymoon. They might wish to purchase an element of your adventure… perhaps a sail on Sydney Harbour or a ride in a hot air balloon at sunrise.

Quite simply as the lucky couple you book your romantic honeymoon with Australia 2000 Travel and pay the appropriate deposit in line with our booking conditions. Wedding guests who wish to make a contribution to your honeymoon contact Australia 2000 Travel to discuss payment by check or credit card. Their contribution is held in Australia 2000 Travel Client Trust Fund and credited towards payment of your romantic honeymoon or wedding. Australia 2000 Travel will mail our exquisite gift certificate to the contributor and advise the bride and groom of the gift.

The balance of your honeymoon, less your deposit and the honeymoon contributions, must be received sixty days prior to departure. Should you continue to receive contributions after this final payment date we will refund you the difference. You’ll be able to use those contributions on your honeymoon!

To advise friends & family of our service, the bride usually includes the details as part of her bridal registry information or on the couple’s personal Facebook page(s).

Fijian Honeymoon

Your dream Fijian honeymoon can be as relaxing and romantic as your hearts desire….

Do you dream of a romantic honeymoon in Fiji, the ideal destination for lovers of sun, sand, gentle people and relaxation?
Fiji is a South Pacific Paradise! Comprised of over 300 islands of which 106 are inhabited Fiji is the epitome of romance, tropical beauty, fun, relaxation and ancient cultures. In short Fiji is the ideal honeymoon destination.

Do you dream of being married or spending your honeymoon on your own special island in the South Pacific?
On an island where the emphasis is on fine food, friendly service, and total relaxation. Where each exhilarating day can include snorkeling or scuba diving on the Great Sea Reef, hobie cat sailing, wind surfing, game fishing, tennis and volleyball or a relaxing Fijian massage.

A honeymoon on an island where, as you sit and relax with a glass of sparkling champagne and a plate of canapés watching the brilliant sunset change the color of the sky you’ll come to understand the reason it’s called The Six O’clock News. Where a private picnic on a secluded sandbar is included as part of your stay? Where you’ll be embraced by the romance of the Fijian lifestyle.

Do you dream of taking a cruise in the turquoise waters of Fiji?
Where you’ll swim and snorkel in tranquil lagoons, visit local villages enjoy the sunshine and the luxury of fine cuisine. Where you’ll spend up to seven indulgent days sailing on idyllic waters .

Do you dream of hiking the remote wilderness of Fiji?
Perhaps taking a 3 day guided hike through the rainforest to a remote village is more your style. Perhaps you’d enjoy taking a seaplane flight over rainforests, reefs and villages.

No matter your dreams for a romantic honeymoon in Fiji we’ll be happy to help you bring those dreams to life.

Learn how our Honeymoon Registry can help make your dream honeymoon even more affordable.