Join Our Specialist Guide on an Astonishing Four Day Outback Safari in South Australia’s Gawler Ranges

Gawler Ranges Safaris WildlifeYour first stop on your remarkable journey will take you to Mikkira, a private homestead where you’ll wander the property to find colony of wild koalas dozing in gum tree. Your tour will continue through farming land and to your luxury Outback camp site. During an afternoon walk you’ll discover kangaroos, emus and a wide variety of birdlife. Stop for drinks at sunset by the unusual rock formations known as organ pipes.

Gawler Ranges Safaris VisitorsDuring the next two days of your Aussie Outback Adventure you’ll visit spectacular Lake Gardiner, a vast glistening white salt lake set amongst the red, red landscape of the haunting Aussie Outback.   You’ll wander in an ochre pit used by the Aboriginal people to create red, white and black paints from ochre white clay and charcoal. Marvel at the red sand dunes, the cigar shaped rock formations that were formed over one thousand six hundred million years ago, a wide variety of Aussie bird and wildlife and vibrant spring wild flowers.

Gawler Ranges Safaris Wildlife #5You’ll leave your camp today to commence a sensational wildlife experience at Baird Bay. During a short boat ride you’ll become enchanted by Bottlenose dolphins that will ride the bow wave created by your boat. When the boat reaches shallow water you’ll have the opportunity to join the magnificent creatures at play. Leaving the dolphins behind you’ll cross the bay to visit a resident colony of rare Australian sea lions. As you wade into shallow protected lagoons you will experience the joy of playing face to face with the agile mammals. You’ll find the sea lions very friendly and inquisitive. If you were to duck dive you’d be certain to find a sea lion diving alongside.

Gawler Ranges Safaris Kanguluna CampsiteDuring your Outback Adventure you will be accommodated at Kungaluna Camp in a luxury bush tent furnished with a queen size bed or two twin beds. Delicious meals created using fresh Aussie produce are prepared daily and are enjoyed with your newfound mates in the camp dining room or around a campfire under the Milky Way.


Foodie’s Wanted at Tasting Australia

Celebrate one of the finest culinary galas of the yearTasting Australia, taking place in South Australia’s finest wine producing region April 26 to May 3, 2012.

San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival

Photo Credit to Fast Forward Event Productions

Hosted by hundreds of the world’s top chefs and wine producers, Tasting Australia, has become one of the country’s best attended, prominent food and wine events since its inception in 1997.  Attracting upwards of 50,000 foodies from all over the country, the festival features interactive, hands on experiences with more than 80 events designed for anyone with a zeal and passion for food and wine.

Celebrity cooking classes and demonstrations, food photography, cheese making workshops and wine appreciation classes are among a few of the events taking place.  This year, The Australian Culinary Federation joins up with Tasting Australia for the much anticipated battle of the chefs, where selected contestants put their culinary skills to the test competing for the honor of ACF chef of the year 2012.

It is not too late to be a part of this extraordinary event.  Contact us today and we will weave this highly regarded affair into an unforgettable once in a lifetime journey to the Glorious South Pacific.

Adelaide’s Cellar Door Wine Festival

If you are like us, you may enjoy a glass of Aussie wine now and again. If you do, now is the time to tantalize your taste buds and join wine aficionados and enthusiasts alike as you explore 12 iconic wine regions of South Australia at Adelaide’s Cellar Door and Wine Festival.

John Duval Wines at Boneta

Photo Credit to Megan Mallen

Over 150 wineries join under one roof at the Adelaide Convention Center for 3 days only, February 24-26, 2012, to swirl, taste, smell the boutique aromas and enjoy unlimited samplings of the regions finest wines.

Among the many reasons to attend are the Master Classes where you will learn the secrets of wine and cheese pairing and the ever-popular ‘Varietal View’ where those interested in a particular varietal of wine learn the ins and outs from the wine makers themselves.

South Australia is the perfect host for this wildly popular event, as it is the world’s 7th largest wine producer and 4th largest exporter of wines. With an international reputation for producing refined and distinctive varieties, grown from some of the oldest grape vines in the world, Australian wines are sold to over 100 countries and are savored in the finest restaurants.

Whetted your appetites, have we? Lift your glass high Mate and let us personalize a once in a lifetime journey for you to the GLORIOUS South Pacific where we will weave your dreams around this well loved festival and you’ll toast to the beginning of an amazing adventure.

August News from Australia 2000 Travel

A look at our August Newsletter. If you would like to sign-up to receive our newsletter, use the sign-up on the bottom right-hand column on this page.

Australia 2000 Travel Newsletter


As summer comes to a close and the days turn to cooler weather here in the U.S., we look forward to fall festivals, pumpkins, apple cider and the piling of leaves that have left their branches to scatter randomly on the ground. As much as we love the fall, it is also a reminder that winter is just around the corner with spring seemingly nowhere in sight.

Fortunately, for those of us with a heart for travel, spring has just begun to burst forth in the GLORIOUS South Pacific! From September through November, the lands Down Under enjoy the renewal of spring. Vineyards are ripe with fruit for picking, orchard trees are in bloom and major festivals showcase food and wine, flowers, as well as local and international theater, dance, arts, music and so much more.

Photo Credit: avlxyz

Perhaps the grandest event to take place in spring is the richest and more prestigious horse race that stops the nation of Australia, The Melbourne Cup. Taking place on the first Tuesday in November, The Melbourne Cup literally stops the country as all gather to witness the three minute race that covers 3200 meters and finishes with the winner awarded upwards of millions of dollars in prizes as well as the coveted cup trophy.

Not to be left out from the calling of spring, I am on my yearly journey to New Zealand meeting with representatives from our handpicked accommodations, experiencing new and exciting tours and filling my heart to bursting with the sights and sounds of the lands Down Under. Be sure to look for our September newsletter where I will share my exciting adventures.


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Australian Outback


Arkaroola is a 380 square miles privately owned wildlife sanctuary in the rugged Northern Flinders Ranges just to the east of the Gammon Ranges National Park in South Australia. The surrounding area includes spectacular arid zone mountain terrain, picturesque gorges, water holes and wildlife unique to the area. It is a truly fascinating region with dramatic, ancient hills where some of the rocks are estimated to be older 1,000 million years and marine fossils are being found from 600 million years ago giving proof to the fact that our Outback was once an inland sea.


People used to say that you would find Broken Hill beyond the Darling River on the edge of the sundown, as if there was nowhere further to travel in Australia.

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Perhaps it was the feeling of being confronted by an unspeakably vast space that looked like an inland sea rolling into the sunset. The desolate landscape surrounding Broken Hill is like driving towards a painting of soft mauve and sage hues. Is it any wonder the city has become known as a Mecca for artists? It is there that the magnificent clear blue skies and the magic light are much loved by film makers from Mad Max 2 to Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

It is in Broken Hill that the big red kangaroos will run one hundred and twenty five miles in a night chasing a thunderstorm, and the unique Sturt Desert Peas bloom in dark red soils. The Tower Mulloch heaps around Broken Hill represent billions of dollars spent on mining that drove the economy of a fledgling nation. In this historic city it is easy to be reminded of the struggles of the pioneers. What greater adventure can there be than to travel to the Australian Outback via the Indian Pacific train where our special guide will meet you at railway station when you arrive in Broken Hill. You will be taken on a journey through the national parks to discover the Outback and the opal mining area of White Cliffs. There will be time to noodle for opals as you walk around in the old field At Lightening Ridge you will discover the true meaning of the word remote Here people live in houses built under the ground to escape the extreme heat of the Aussie sun.

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Australian Ultimate 28 Day Action Packed Adventure

Australian Action Packed Adventure

DAY 1-3: In Sydney: Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge. Sailing on Sydney Harbour. Explore the Blue Mountains.
DAY 4: Fly to Adelaide.
DAY 5-7: 3 Day South Australia Outback Adventure in Southern Flinders Ranges and Wilpena Pound.
DAY 8-9: Explore Kangaroo Island, Seal Bay and Flinders Chase.
DAY 10: Fly to Darwin. Half Day Darwin City Tour.
DAY 11-13: 3 Day Camping in Kakadu National Park.
DAY 14: Fly to Cairns.
DAY 15: At Leisure in Palm Cove.
DAY 16-20: 5 Day Wilderness Adventure.
DAY 21: White Water Rafting on the Barron River.
DAY 22: At Leisure in Palm Cove.
DAY 23: Full Day Great Barrier Reef Tour.
DAY 24: Fly to Brisbane. Transfer to your Rainforest Retreat in Lamington National Park.
DAY 25-26: At Leisure in Lamington National Park.
DAY 27: Transfer to Brisbane.
DAY 28: Depart Australia.

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Travelers’ Tales

Chapter 56: My Year of Springs

This year a fortunate combination of climatic factors, wishful planning, and a good deal of luck presented me the opportunity to witness the coming on of Spring in four separate locations on this planet, each one experiencing spectacular wildflower blooms not seen in recent memory. I traveled from the Mojave Desert (where Lake Manly partly filled in Death Valley) to Anza-Borrego near the Mexican border and later into Arizona during the North American Spring. Then, unexpectedly awarded a sabbatical leave, I was able to take in the wildflower blooms of Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania during their Spring. I was on the go, off and on, from Mid-February to Mid- November. From early October to mid- November, I literally wandered alone in the wilderness for forty days and forty nights, driving and hiking my way through the outback of South Australia and forests and lakes of Tasmania. A field biologist’s dream come true. So aside from several thousand digital images of truly spectacular wildflower blooms and a bestiary of exotic creatures, what else did I bring back from these wanderings?

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