The Melbourne Cup, Australia’s Most Prestigious Race

The Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival, a festival of horse racing and social events, taking place in several venues throughout Victoria, Australia, is well under way. Featuring an array of spectacles and race days to attend through the 20th of November, you will not want to miss the very best competitions, fashion and social affairs of the season.

Perhaps there is nothing more exhilarating than being amongst the crowd of 100,000 plus spectators, in a true reflection of Australian spirit and community, to witness the grandest of all Spring Carnival Racing Events, The Melbourne Cup.

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Taking place Tuesday, November 1st, The Melbourne Cup, Australia’s most prestigious thoroughbred event literally stops the country, as all gather to witness the three minute race that covers 3200 meters, and finishes with the winner awarded upwards of millions of dollars in prizes, as well as, the coveted cup trophy. Whether at the sidelines of cheering from afar, be a part of the Aussie spirit of mateship as you barrack (cheer on), your favorite jockey and horse.

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Australia’s National Parks

New South Wales

In the year 2000 UNESCO awarded The Blue Mountains area a world heritage listing based upon its outstanding natural value to humanity and the pristine environment that provides protection for an unusually diverse range of rare and ancient vegetation communities and isolated animal populations ensconced in its deep gorges.

Our special guides will take you to view The Three Sisters and the Jamison Valley, an iconic site of this vast and special area.

Northern Territory

Kakadu National Park, located 160 miles east of Darwin, in Australias Northern Territory is the largest National Park in Australia and has been awarded a World Heritage listing. Adjacent to Kakadu National Park lies a vast subtropical savannah that has been described as a national treasure trove depicting ancient human occupation and a pristine wilderness area hosting myriad ecosystems and wildlife inhabitants. The Aboriginal association with the land is constantly on display in Kakadu National Park where richly descriptive rock paintings from 50,000 years ago depict events of the distant past. Let us send you to this ancient area where your hosts, Max and Phillipa Davidsons passionate devotion to the area and its people has developed into a relationship of trust and respect with the traditional owners. Their association has resulted in an unchallengeable, in-depth knowledge of the history and traditions of the area.

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